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Who Am I?

Recovery is possible! Do not give up on yourself or a loved one just because conventional treatments have not worked. You are worth it.

You are able to recreate your identity as:


But most of all... a loved and fulfilled individual who is capable of improving your life and achieving your dreams. You are worth one more chance!



Sue Fortune of Aspire Hypnotherapy Located in Calgary Alberta holds a Master of Science in Psychology degree and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a specialization in addictions. Sue has completed Masters Hypnosis, DBT and NLP. As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Sue uses more advanced techniques and protocols for the purpose of assisting clients dealing with complex issues.

Sue is a Registered Counsellor with the Canadian College of Profressional Counsellors and Psychotherapists. This College is recognized by many benefit companies.

Sue has a specialization in Addiction and has worked with hundreds of clients with significant and often life threatening addictions issues. Sue makes no judgement, every person is important. Sue has taught Nationally and Internationally on her personal trademark: Harm Reduction Vs Harm Acceptance: A Lense on Recovery. Sue has made a remarkable difference in the National and International field of Addiction

What sets me apart

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Masters of Science in Psychology

Registered Counsellor with the Canadian College of Professional Counsellors and Pyschotherapists

Specialization in Addiction

D.B.T Certified

Expertise in Motivational Interviewing

Flexible with any location in Calgary

Mobile Sessions and telephone sessions available!


  • Are you stuck in addiction?
  • Have you tried everything to break your addiction?
  • Are you losing all hope and feeling like a failure?
  • Do you crave recovery and a healthier lifestyle?
  • Have you considered Hypnotherapy?


When you feel stuck in an addiction, recovery can seem beyond your reach. If conventional treatments have not worked for you or a loved one, Hypnotherapy is a credible alternative. Hypnotherapy is a treatment that makes use of relaxation techniques to induce powerful and personal suggestions to your subconscious mind.
Hypnosis is a powerful tool that helps you create changes in your life.

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